ABY1 3 years, 11 months ago on Massey withdraws as mayoral candidate

Sorry to see this happen. Wonder if another candidate may have been behind it?


ABY1 3 years, 11 months ago on Strother promises transparency, focus on commerce

How exciting it will be this election season to have so many more choices on the ballot.


ABY1 4 years ago on White officially joins mayoral race

The state ethics commission reports says that he still owes fines for not disclosing his campaign activities from his past election attempts in 2002, and 2008. I guess third try is the charm. I don't get how he can be allowed to qualify. He should not be allowed to be on any ballot until he clears up these fines. Why do we need qualifying anyways? Just what does it mean to qualify? Looks like convicted felons and people with questionable ethics will get on the ballot anyways for the unsuspecting voters to choose from.


ABY1 4 years ago on Candidates, officials among delinquent filers with the state ethics board

Just followed the link and looked at the list. Some of these people owe fines from several campaign runs. How can they run again or hold office without clearing up their obligations first? It is very dishonest to knowingly run again while owing the state and the taxpayers this money. Afterall, the fines are for failing to disclose election activities, right? How come this hasn't been caught by any of our elections officials here? If you owe and don't pay, you shouldn't be allowed to run again. I do not want to vote for anyone who cannot handle their own finances or doesn't want to disclose all of their activities. It is unfair to the citizens of Albany and those elected officials that do comply and follow the rules.


ABY1 4 years ago on Challenger emerges to take on Marietta for Ward IV seat

It sounds to me that Ward 4 now has the right man for the job! I can't wait to cast my vote for you Mr. McCoy!


ABY1 4 years ago on Tommie Postell announces re-election bid

At least you know where Postell stands. He is racist and makes no excuse for it, and that can be dealt with. Knowing that, keeps him from hiding behind an institutional racist veil. As bad as it is to make such a comment it is equally worse to pretend or ignore that it was not said. All of us pay for ignorance and apathy by mere association. I do not want anyone to speak for me. Or for others to assume that I feel the same way because my skin color is the same. He does not speak for all of us in Ward 6.