ACameron 3 years ago on Squawk of the Day Nov. 3 2012

I fully expect a response by foreign governments.

Aid offered by foreign countries and groups to help the U.S. with Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, according to the State Department: •Afghanistan: $100,000 •Albania: $300,000 pledged •Armenia: $200,000 pledged •Australia: $7.6 million •Austria: tarps, camp beds •Azerbaijan: $500,000 •Bahamas: $50,000 •Bahrain: $5 million •Bangladesh: $1 million •Belgium: operations teams, generators, water pumps, •Bosnia/Herzegovina: •Cambodia: $20,000 •Canada: $5 million two Griffin helicopters, search and rescue teams, Air Canada evacuation flights, supplies, security team, three Canadian forces ships •China: $5.1 million, 1,000 tents, 600 generators, bed sheets •Cyprus: $50,000 •Djibouti: $50,000
•France: 600 tents, supplies •Gabon: $500,000 pledged •Georgia: $50,000 •Germany: high-speed pumps, supplies •Greece: two cruise ships •Hungary: $5,000 •Iceland: $500,000 pledged to the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund •India: $5 million; •Ireland: $1 million euro •Italy: generators, water pumps and purifiers, tents, supplies •Japan: $200,000, $844,000 in supplies and private pledges of more than $1 million •Kenya: $100,000 •Kuwait: $100 million plus an additional $400 million in oil products •Malaysia: $1 million •Maldives: $25,000 •Mauritania: $200,000 •Mongolia: $50,000 •Morocco: $500,000 •Nepal: $25,000 •Netherlands: Levee inspection team to assist Army Corps of Engineers, water pumps, frigate •New Zealand: $1.4 million •Nigeria: $1 million •Norway: $1.54 million •Oman: $15 million •Pakistan: $1 million •Palau: $50,000 •Papua New Guinea: $10,000 •Qatar: $100 million •Republic of Korea: $30 million, •Russia: air transport, generators, tents, blankets, water, water pumps, supplies •Sao Tome and Principe: $18,000 •Saudi Arabia: $5 million •Spain: relief supplies •Sri Lanka: $25,000 •Sweden: telecommunications equipment •Taiwan: $2 million, •United Arab Emirates: $100 million •Uganda: $200,000 •United Kingdom: $5 5 million relief •Venezuela: up to $1 million •Vietnam: $100,000 to victims •Yemen: $100,000

Why would aid to the victims of Sandy be any different?