ASUALUM 3 years, 1 month ago

I am, by no means, ignorant nor have I ever visited an " asylum" as some of you may need too! But indeed, I am a tax paying, careering holding, educated individual who has lived here for majority of my life. I've seen and witnessed how you people operate. And as far as the facebook rant, it was classic and honest, but unfortunately, I wasn't responsible for that!

Now, as for the politics, you all have made the assumptions that people of color want " hand-outs", but if some of you, which I will optimiscally say, do your research, most of those who are recieving governmental assistance are those who are not of color. I think it was recently stated, if the Republicans would stop blocking pieces of legislation that is being passed, then life would be better.... I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!


ASUALUM 2 years, 7 months ago

It's disgusting to see how you people can find solace in the unemployment of others. I guarantee none of you are perfect and have or will make a mistake a time or two in your lives or what's left of it. How would you feel if you were terminiated or suspended off a simple mistake.

And as to the comment about closing Monroe, how about closing Lee County or better yet Deerfield, same damn problems, just a different population color!


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