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Mark Richt out as Georgia football coach November 29, 2015


ASUALUM 2 years, 7 months ago on ASUALUM

It's disgusting to see how you people can find solace in the unemployment of others. I guarantee none of you are perfect and have or will make a mistake a time or two in your lives or what's left of it. How would you feel if you were terminiated or suspended off a simple mistake.

And as to the comment about closing Monroe, how about closing Lee County or better yet Deerfield, same damn problems, just a different population color!


ASUALUM 2 years, 8 months ago on Group to host annual Confederate ceremony

The opinions or views of this topic is going to vary greatly. Depending on which racial group you involve some may say it was based on slavery and as we can see others feel it was another alternative motive behind the Civil War. Me personally, being an educated African American male, I feel like it was caused by the best of both perspectives. Some may agree and the majority may not agree. Reason being, Slavery helped boost the economies of both sides until the emergence of the Irish and other nationalities. But, before that, it was the African slaves who did the work. Now some of you have stated, "1% of Southerns owned slaves" Well if you think about, during those times, that was more than enough to assume that slavery very well existed here in the Southern states at a high percentage, especially when you had planatations owning multitudes of slaves at time. Yes, the Northern states participated in the owneship of slaves as well, but just from a more refined perspective. Meaning, Northerners didn't view African as animals nor were there treated as such. Most of the Northern slaves were allowed the opportunity to obtained a form of education, they weren't made to work sun up to sun down on the scorching sun, nor were they forced into inadequate living conditions, but they worked!!!! My point is, both the sides wanted the upperhand of the economy and they knew that without African Slaves neither would succeed in having the upper hand.


ASUALUM 2 years, 8 months ago on Deerfield declines to leave GISA for GHSA

Look bruh... this article is addressing DWS decision to not leave the GISA... please refrain from speaking on ASU. If Valdosta wants to play ASU that damn bad or needs the money that damn bad , dammit they have just as much opportunity to schedule us as we have to schedule them!!!


ASUALUM 2 years, 10 months ago on ASU returns funds to Ray Charles Foundation

Ignorance at it's best....Obviously because of yall's strong dislike or should I say disapproval of ASU, you're being blinded from the facts. ASU wasn't entirely at fault of this. The funds that were DONATED to ASU by the Ray Charles Foundation wasn't a sufficient amount to construct the buidling that was outlined in the agreement. Before anything is built on STATE property it has to be approved!!!! Not to mention, the BOR ( Board of Regents) Would have had to provide funding as well. Unlike Morehouse, ASU is prohibited by the BOR in participating in projects without approval.


ASUALUM 2 years, 11 months ago on Center for African American Male hopes banquet will expand image

Actually, for those who seem to be misinformed or just chose to not accept the objective of this program... this program not only help cultivate the minds of young African American men, but in some instances, those men who are in leadership positions within this organization are many times the only positive MALE role model that some of these young men have been around. Similiar to what Sister_Ruby stated, there is an increase in single parent homes, especially in this area. Many of these young men are being raised by grandma, mama, auntie, godmother without the present of a POSTIVE MALE role model. So I applaud these young men for, first making the decision to advance there education and secondly taking advantage of the resources being offered so they can become better MEN!


ASUALUM 3 years, 1 month ago on ASUALUM

I am, by no means, ignorant nor have I ever visited an " asylum" as some of you may need too! But indeed, I am a tax paying, careering holding, educated individual who has lived here for majority of my life. I've seen and witnessed how you people operate. And as far as the facebook rant, it was classic and honest, but unfortunately, I wasn't responsible for that!

Now, as for the politics, you all have made the assumptions that people of color want " hand-outs", but if some of you, which I will optimiscally say, do your research, most of those who are recieving governmental assistance are those who are not of color. I think it was recently stated, if the Republicans would stop blocking pieces of legislation that is being passed, then life would be better.... I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!


ASUALUM 3 years, 1 month ago on Metro Albany jobless rate down

This country's economic problem is freaking hilarious too me!!! The main reason we're all in this mess is because of a President that " YOU" people seem to support. I wish one day some of you would just be honest with yourselves and say... " The reason you want PRESIDENT Obama out of office is because you don't want a black man in such a powerful position such as!" You white people can't stand the fact that a black man is running and representative this country!!! The same goes for this city! You hate the fact that someone of color AND a WOMAN is running this city! And to go even deeper.... that's why some of you, if not all dislike Albany State, Dr. Murfree, and/ or anyone or thing that is being administered by a black individual!!!! If someone of you could, yall would WHITE out this entire nation... just be honest instead of continuing to hide behind a computer or " SHEETS"


ASUALUM 3 years, 1 month ago on Trump: $5 million to charity if president releases records

Donald Trump recognized he would never become President of these United States so, he has to do something to garner some attention......DUDE SIT YO A** DOWN SOME WHERE!!!!


ASUALUM 3 years, 2 months ago on Jury finds Riggins not guilty

I wonder if it had been a white individual in this exact circumstance would anyone of you still have the same sentiments about Velvet Riggins or the judicial system of Albany.