ASURAMS24 2 years, 11 months ago on RiverQuarium gets $150,000 from city

$28 million dollar alligator and thought they worked with DNR to get these animals and give them a home. Case in point, please checks your facts before you speak. Chehaw and the GA aquarium are totally different facilities than the aquarium in Albany. The Flint RiverQuarium is a non-for profit educational facility, which means they do not get money from the state! They get most of their funds by private donations. The well they just drilled was funded by a grant. The birds are all native and rehabilitated in some way… and it is nothing like the bird exhibit at Chehaw Park. The RiverQuarium’s aviary exhibit was also put into place by a grant, just like the well.

On a person level, I bring my kids to the aquarium at least twice a week, not only have we gotten close to everyone who works there, from ticketing to the people who take care of the animals, but each time we visit, they make sure we have a new and different experience. The people who work for the RiverQuarium do so from a passion for animals and the environment, not for the money. I’m sure if any of you who would like to know how much they make… they will be happy to tell you. Please don’t assume your facts are correct because you’ve heard them from the media, social networks, or your bitter neighbor… Being open minded having, positive attitude, and working together as a COMMUNITY is the ONLY way to make Albany a better place for our upcoming generations. If you are OK with Albany, GA slowly losing its life and becoming a rundown place where nobody wants to visit, cool, you have every right… Just stop bashing a place you really know nothing about… I never thought the people in the “Good Life City” would be happy with ruining the city the way a lot of you are.