Albany_Failures 2 years, 4 months ago on Murfree lacks board support for contract renewal

When will the cycle stop! Albany when will you each stop and take a look at yourselves. Take a real close at yourselves. All of you have been judgmental and the worst thing to happen to "your children" regardless who is on the Board and who runs it! Many of you all allow your children to misbehave, under perform in their classes, rather see them attend other 4 year schools outside of Albany in which they go and leave you in the hell you created...and I can go on but not now. YOU as parents and those nay sayers need to do something about the city of Albany. You all must create a climate in which where poverty is non-existent, a climate where you all believe that 'white' is 'right' for those who lead the aparthied of a city called Albany. Take a look at yourselves. Murfee may not have been great...but considering where many of you are and will be destined to stay along with your children who have failed and will be known for it's the scheme of life you all are failures and the world has seen it...SAD!