AnObserver 2 years, 3 months ago on Cable company CEO charged with stealing service from Mediacom

This is ridiculous. I've known Kraig Beahn for several years. He's intelligent and honest and doesn't do dumb stuff like steal cable service. He's not a criminal and I seriously doubt he tried to steal/tap MediaCom's sh!tty internet service. The idiots MediaCom hires and the Albany police don't know there a$$e$ from a hole in the ground, much less understand networks. They found some box that is connected to MediaCom and L2's fiber and came up with a scenario where L2 is stealing from MediaCom. Yeah, right! If anything it's the other way around. Think about it folks. Anybody who has had cable in Albany knows what cr4p MediaCom sells for high speed internet. This guy has built a blazingly fast fiber optic network that blows the doors off anything MediaCom has to offer. There is no logic, no motive, no sense in any way, shape or form that would explain how Kraig Beahn would connect his high-speed fiber network to MediaCom's slow cr4ppy network for the purpose of stealing service. It just plain defies reason. Since L2Network's fiber is in the gigabit speed range and MediaCom's unreliable copper network is not, it would be a huge downgrade to tap into MediaCom. It would be like off-roading in a Mercedes Brabus 800E. It would be like NASA launching a space telescope strapped to a bottle rocket. L2 uses carrier-grade commercial network equipment. They don't use some little box and some cables to connect their customers to the internet by tapping into MediaCom. That's no way to do business and that's not what Kraig Beahn did. Kraig has been dealt a number of poor hands due to bad business partners and shady characters at Water Gas & Light who favor under-the-table deals with friends and relatives. The City of Albany has not been helpful either. They blocked his efforts to build a fiber network that would benefit every consumer in Albany and would offer needed competition to MediaCom. It is far, far more likely that the real criminals here are some one at Water Gas & Light, or some one who knows networks and routers and how to tap cable service, or some one working for MediaCom.