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Lewis-Polite wins DCSS Teacher of the Year April 17, 2014


AnotherMom 11 months ago on Group wants atheist books placed with Bibles in Georgia state parks

A book on atheism should be simple & cheap to make - it would be a book with blank pages. How difficult is it to say you believe in nothing. If someone chooses to not believe in God, that is their perogative. What I don't understand is why it bothers them so much that other people do believe in God and why does having a book in a drawer offend them so much? I have been told by liberals and those who have alternative beliefs that if I don't like it I don't have to look at whatever it is that offends me or listen to whatever offends me. Why doesn't that philosophy apply to them?


AnotherMom 11 months, 1 week ago on Squawk of the Day - May 11, 2013

Atheists don't worship Satan in theory - they don't believe there is a God of any kind. However, most people who believe God's Word realize that if you don't worship God then you abdicate that position in your life to Satan.


AnotherMom 11 months, 1 week ago on Two plead guilty in MCLB bribery case

Looks to me like "Person A" is just as guilty as the other two guys. Why wasn't he arrested & charged with a crime?


AnotherMom 11 months, 3 weeks ago on FDA Approves Plan B For girls as young As 15

What is so ironic to me is that girls as young as 15 can get this medication but you have to show proof you are 18 or older to purchase glue or cough syrup. Also, it takes an act of congress to give a child an aspirin at school but a parent's permission is not required for an abortion. And we wonder what is wrong with our kids and our country....


AnotherMom 11 months, 3 weeks ago on Politics of race alive and well in Southwest Georgia

Not too long ago, Mr. Fletcher stated we were not able to see past skin color to vote intelligently. Now he has done an about face and is ready to defend us. Wonder what happened?


AnotherMom 11 months, 4 weeks ago on Gun bill defeat a win for big business

Quik, could you please answer a question for me? How would new gun laws (such as the ones recently defeated) prevent another incident like that at New Town?


AnotherMom 1 year ago on Triumph turns to terror in Boston

I agree with VSU. We certainly need laws but laws alone can only do so much. If we follow the logic of those who want to outlaw the gun that was used in the New Town shootings, then we need to outlaw the particular knife used in the stabbings at the Texas college last week and the bombs used today in Boston. Also, a gun would have done no good against bombs.


AnotherMom 1 year ago on Squawk of the day - April 9, 2013

What is even sadder than the bizarre names is the fact that out of 38 births (from a couple of weeks ago), only 18 of those babies were born to married parents. The rest were born to either single moms or unwed parents.


AnotherMom 1 year ago on Thumbs Up! - April 8, 2013

The problem with the summer programs that are offered in this town during the school break is that the parents would actually have to put forth some effort on their part to enroll their kids - even for those that are free. There are too many in this town who expect everything to be handed to them & don't know how to do anything for themselves or their kids.


AnotherMom 1 year, 1 month ago on City ponders next multimodal transit step

But it's all "free" money, remember? The federal money sitting there waiting to be spent is "free" money and the SPLOST taxes are "free" money, also. They have to be spent!!