BettyR 3 years, 10 months ago

The funds would be from the federal government. It would restore and save part of our history. We lost Radium Springs, an entire city block of buildings, many fine old homes, now you want the bridge to be lost also? Columbus has an almost identical bridge that was condemned. They got federal funds to do just what I am proposing here. The new bridge they want to build, that thing that looks like a train trestle, it will not be where the current bridge is located anyway. The are proposing to build it farther north. Would you prefer more federal funding to build more low income housing that we do not need, will not finish and will stand empty? You want to import more people to the "entitlement" city? It would boost business downtown and in east Albany. All the cities that do well have strong downtowns.We need this, we need something to be proud of, something that is part of our history. That bridge was built in 1931 and was dedicated to the men from Dougherty County that died in WWI. It is an actual memorial. I am tired of seeing all that once was good about Albany get torn down and replaced with ugly structures. You love the arch over the Oglethorpe Bridge? You will really love the eyesore they have decided to build to replace this beautiful old bridge. Keep tearing up our downtown and our past and it will look like Detroit. I would prefer something more like Savannah or Thomasville myself, but I guess I am just an idiot, lol.


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