BigJimBow 1 year, 11 months ago on 'Big Jim's' unique craftsmanship springs from passion

It is unfortunate that there is so much ground between those who hunt and the people who don't understand hunting. In no way do I feel the need to explain what I do except that I may possibly reach those who are on the edge and would rather know the truth than to spread misinformation.

Yes, I do enjoy hunting and yes, I do kill animals but in reality, the kill is only the final part of what is a long journey. God has made us the keepers of nature for us to use in a responsible maner and hunting is an important part of conserving animals. Very few hunters would have anything to do with decimating animal populations and to the contrary, we spend more money creating better habitat so that they can prosper. The challenge is the allure and the experience the reward and yes, animals do die. They would die anyway and seldom of old age. When we harvest an animal, the goal is a quick and clean death. A death with the least amount of suffering as possible unlike starvation or disease due to over population. We utilize as much of the game we harvest as resonably possible, unlike culling or extermination due to crop degredation or competition with livestock. It has been proven time and time again, that if we want animals to prosper, we must hunt them.

I too have issues with "slob" hunters who choose the wrong path and have no respect for the animals in which they persue. They make things more difficult for the consciencious hunter and create this constant battle between the pro's and anti's.

We will never change the mind of those who choose to sit on the sidelines and comment from ignorance, but just maybe we might be able to reach a few on the fence and help to educate them.