Boardmember2 3 years, 1 month ago on Results to be delayed on school board race

A bit of comfort before everyone gets their panties in a tightwad: First: the procedure outlined in the Herald with respect to the Friday's certification of election results to the Sec. of State is that normal procedure followed in every election allowing necessary time for the receiving, accumulation, verification and certifying of all votes cast. It is a State controlled procedure. Second: A sample ballot and list of all official write-in candidates will be conspicuously posted at each polling place during the election. Each voter will be be able to see the write-in candidate's correct name as well as be encouraged by poll workers to look before entering the voting booth, Third: The voting machine where the voter easily accesses and types the name of the write-in candidate, accumulates, secures and provides a report of each write-in, by office, exactly as it is typed by the voter. Totaling of votes is a very easy and verifiable procedure, Forth: the election supervisor and Board of Elections, in the case where a write-in name is misspelled, will make every reasonable effort (as in the Election Code) to determine the intent of each voter as to whom they intended to vote. Misspelling errors will not void a voters write-in choice. Every effort is made to correctly validate a vote cast. Any rejected write-in would be doubly reviewed. Fifth: all ballots cast are recorded and tagged to the voter data base, no voter can cast more than one ballot, not by using multiple sources of, mail-in, absentee, early voting or voting on the day of the election. All mail-in and absentee ballots are signature verified to registration documents to assure authenticity of the voter. Lastly; The Members of the Board of Elections as well as the Elections Supervisor and her the Elections office staff, are from among the finest members of this community, they are the voters representative, appointed by and to be a cross representation from the community; black and white, Democrat, Republican, at large, county and city. Their only priority, through hundreds of dedicated hours of service, in their best efforts, is to assure the free access to an impartial and fair elections system governed by law. These Board members know the Election Code and strife to enforce it in every case as best can be done under each varying circumstance. It is not easy, but knowing the law and doing the law is never a question. This Board and Elections office is totally free of "corruption", "political bias" or misdirected intention. It exist only to serve the democratic process, any and all political candidates and the rights of every voter, whom ever they are.

In conclusion, ask questions as you will, that is your responsibility and right, and as you do, you will find yourself fortunate to being served by such people, such a system and law, that has a passion for this county, community, integrity and doing what is right perhaps more than even you yourself.