Bubbles 2 years, 8 months ago on Phillips given key to Leesburg

Congrats to Phillip Phillips, his family and the entire community! I, a former resident of Albany, am so excited to see POSITIVE news and community support vs. murder, rape, theft, etc. in the media. I am a military brat and couldn't agree more that our military forces aren't always acknowledged as they should be - HOWEVER, this isn't about who deserves this and that - it's warming to see a humble young man doing so well for himself. I haven't had so much fun following someones success in a long time. For once, the south is getting positive, educated and talented coverage instead of the ignorant, redneck people that so many tv shows portray us as. If you can't be positive and support someone, then don't say anything at all! Good luck Phillip and I WILL be watching and voting next week!