Cartman 10 months, 1 week ago on Herald changing online commenting system

I know the Herald keeps track of internet hits on their website because their sales folks use the numbers in their sales pitch. I wonder if the number of hits has noticeably decreased since the commenters have been muzzled.

I do have a FB account and would love to post under my real name but my opinions would cause swift repercussions against those close to me. Ironically those who would suffer do not even know that I post. This was my only...

Nevermind. It was great to have an outlet for this short time. I'll just migrate away and bite my lip.


Cartman 10 months, 3 weeks ago on Herald changing online commenting system

Anyone got any suggestions for another forum to which we can migrate before this site goes dark? If so, post the link so all can see.


Cartman 10 months, 4 weeks ago on Herald changing online commenting system

The one thing that made this place different is the anonymity. There is no other place to voice opinions that some of us cannot voice otherwise, as much as we would like to do so. It was a venue for professionals like nurses, law enforcement, teachers and others who could not sign their names for fear of employment repercussions. It was a venue for those who had professional reasons such as not alienating their patients or clients. It was a way for government workers at the federal, state, and local level to express their opinions without fear of being dressed down by their superiors the next day.

Don't delude yourself into thinking that anonymity is always motivated by cowardice. Trolls are always anonymous but not all anonymous posters are trolls. It is true that you have to weed through the garbage to get to the nuggets sometimes, but you're dreaming if you think this place will magically become a forum of enlightened and sober expressions in an exchange of opinions, observations, and ideas.

The magic that you have will disappear and the volume of posting will disappear because you will narrow your posters to only those who have the luxury of posting openly. I really did enjoy it but regrettably will not be able to participate under the new rules. Not mad, but gone.


Cartman 10 months, 4 weeks ago on ‘Office’ joins short list of classic TV shows

Never heard of it. But Longmire is back on beginning the season tomorrow night. And the great news is that they will revive 24 next year.


Cartman 10 months, 4 weeks ago on Squawk of the day - May 26, 2013

Whats next? The Obama apologists will be along shortly to twist logic and justify the actions of their idol.


Cartman 11 months ago on Southwestern State Hospital to close Dec. 31

This is a larger loss than most realize. Those who work in the criminal justice system knows the critical role which Southwestern served.


Cartman 11 months ago on Bishop urges reconsideration of postal centers

Bishop is a clueless clown. Any federal agency that is trimming their spending should be thanked by Congress - not discouraged.


Cartman 11 months ago on Someone’s asking for an IRS audit

The IRS should not be used as muscle for keeping political opponents in line. It's no surprise you'd trivialize it. Journalist trolling at its finest.