Chazzim 3 years, 8 months ago on Squawk of the Day - Dec. 7, 2011

This is the problem with Albany right here. The mindset of rather staying at home and live off other people's taxes rather than making a living yourself. I believe welfare is in need of a reform big time. I think a person receiving welfare should only get an increase when they have 2 kids anything more they won't get a dime more. That will stop these people from having six to seven kids. It isn't fair that a hard working family can only afford one or two children but a person on welfare can have as many as she wants because the government will foot the bill. And these kids grows up to be in gangs and end up in jail or in the grave. Why? Because they didn't have the proper upbringing like a person who was raised by both parents. These welfare parents don't give a crap about their kids they are just their to increase their income. Sad but true. So how do we stop it? By not increasing their income when they have more than 2. In China if a couple has more than 2 babies they kill the rest. Too many people are taking advantage of the welfare system just because they DO NOT want to work not that they CAN NOT work. That is why this town is in the situation it is. It is sad a person who fought for this country can end up homeless and not get a dime from the government who sent him to war but at the same time a person who hasn't done crap for this country can get a free check and free food every month. What is wrong with that picture? This angers me. I do love what Kentucky and Florida are doing, they are making these welfare people take drug tests!!!! That is what needs to happen. IF you can't work why should our taxes buy your drugs? If they test positive no welfare for you!