Chimmeree 2 years, 8 months ago on Stop the Violence forum addresses area crime issues

First of all God has been pushed out of everywhere He needs to be, therefore children grow up to be adults without knowing right from wrong. Parents rights of correction have been stripped away. Government (corrupt Government at that) wants so much control they pay people to sit on the porch by day and pay them to make more babies by night. Some of these parents teach their kids to go out and rob and steal so that they can have money to buy more drugs (which are supposedly against the law, ha ha) They sell their food stamps for the same. All the while they see the people from cops to City Managers to teachers, people that should be role models lying, cheating killing and stealing. There is no punishment for crime. As a matter of fact for all the crime city officials do all they get is a paid vacation. And why should we have to pay City Workers to dig ditches and such, get out those ball and chains and have these criminals do the work. Harsh punishment reduces crime, Quit paying people to be sorry.


Chimmeree 3 years ago on Squawk of the day - March 12, 2012

I don't know any women who don't like a nice A_ _ on a man. So I challenge all you tail bearers to burn all those baggy saggy pants and replace them with a good fitting pair of jeans that show that you do have a nice A _ _. If you don't take the challenge, you either don't care about your women, or you suffer from noassatall. Or the bigger "tail" "tail" sign, that you really are trying to sexually attract other men.


Chimmeree 3 years, 1 month ago on Blight fight declared

I agree with you, Amazed. Many property owners have tried to repair these houses and buildings just to be ripped off of their materials time after time. The City of Albany needs to get on the job and get these Crack house shut down. They see you working in the day and they hit you up after dark and steal everything you spent your hard earned money on. I propose it City of Albany put Officers on night duty to watch the properties being repaired every night til the job is finished. Our taxes are paid for law enforcement but the law is not being enforced. Blight is always a problem in drug infested areas. I think it is time for the City of Albany to do some cleaning up and get these criminals off our streets.