ConcernedChristian 2 years, 3 months ago on Lee candidate challenges price of security cameras

I know both of the candiates running for sheriff, Mr. Breeden has nothing to do with this election why drag him into this. I am going to pray for the candiates for Sheriff instead of mud slinging. Yes Mr. Cheshire does have a lawn care business, and when he is not working he is campinging for Sheriff. I am a Christian and my question to you is what would Jesus do? I know he would not be judging the candiates he would be praying for them. I will pray daily for you gatorback as I do the candiates. Have a Blessed day.


ConcernedChristian 2 years, 4 months ago on Ex-deputy challenges sheriff

I am very concerned by all of the gossipping that is going on. Why don't people pray about the election. Also ask yourself what would Jesus do about all the negative comments that are being made. I could make negative comments but I am a Christian so I will pray about this election. It is not for us to be throwing stones. Have a blessed day and pray.