ConcernedCitizen12 2 years, 7 months ago on Heard hearing under way

This is awful. Absolutely awful. You have a man that is only running because Lane Price is white. A pastor either creating false signatures and/or getting signatures from outside of the district - most likely from his congregation which is also illegal. Its sickening that people can live such corrupt lives, boast about it to the media about how holy and great they are, and, worse, get away with it in court. The people of Albany need to start understanding the magnitude of what's going on in our legal system and government here. I get daily e-mails about break-ins and murders in my neighborhood, watch gang violence go rampant, see the likes of Velvet Riggins lie, steal and get away with it, and all the people in high places are doing is looking out for number one and the friends around them. I'm not perfect, but I hope these people reap what they sow one day.