ConcernedVoter 1 year, 7 months ago on Do tests truly measure knowledge?

I cannot agree with Mr. Wilson more. I, too, was high criticized in my teaching for trying to teach above the standards so that my students could be competitive in their entire post-secondary endeavors. It seems our only goal as secondary educators now is to keep the numbers right so that the administration and school looks good, and "damned be he who dares" to try to go beyond the minimum and challenge the students.

Fryar Tuk, you obvioiusly have never taught. I wish you would spend a day with Mr. Wilson and experience his classes and then respond to his essay. It would be well worth your time.


ConcernedVoter 1 year, 7 months ago on DCSS must repay fund or reclassify

There should be a new effort at integrity and honesty by anyone affiliated with DDSS. These two crucial components of a good school system have been sorely missed. I also agree that more positive news needs to come out of DDSS, but first there needs to be a concerted effort to make these positive events happen. Too many have forgotten that the students are the first priority.


ConcernedVoter 1 year, 7 months ago on Squawk of the Day - Sept. 4, 2012

Every loop hole in every government project should be closed. Integrity should be restored to the citizens of the U.S. Those who need help should be able to get it, but not at the expense of cheating the system. Cheating should not be acceptable. DDSC needs to learn this as well.


ConcernedVoter 1 year, 7 months ago on Governments should opt out of Region 10

Suggestions such as these are why it is so difficult for Southwest Georgia to have real economic progress. The Regional Commissions are not evil, they are necessary. Each regional commission works to improve the economic development of the region it represents. What is wrong with trying to bring jobs to Southwest Georgia? It is a very complicated process to bring industries such as P & G, Sanderson, and Kia to Georgia. Someone must work daily to see that these things happen so that our citizens can have jobs, be productive, and support themselves. There are not evil demons around every corner of a government building. The majority does rule. It is the majority vote that elected every official who gives great support to the Regional Commissions. Before you decide to do great harm by eliminating the RCs, why not look FIRST at the good they do for our area. Ignorant is not being willing to learn; stupid is refusing to learn when you have an opportunity.


ConcernedVoter 1 year, 7 months ago on Judge defers decision on venue, indictment in principal fraud case

This is not the sort of role model that I think the school system should have. The entire school system seems to have a serious problem with integrity. I'm sure not everyone is participating in illegal ventures, but certainly those who have been exposed should not be offered up as the standard which the school wishes to aid and abet. Cheating is a rampant problem among the students across the U.S. The sin, it seems, is getting caught, not commiting the act. I wonder where the students are learning to perfect their cheating skills?