Conf3d3rat343var 2 years, 6 months ago on Atheist group wants to join with community

I just want all atheist`s in SW Georgia to turn over [to me would be great!] all money with the inscription "In God we Trust" to the nearest Christian. I know it would be blasphemy to carry such things on their person!


Conf3d3rat343var 2 years, 6 months ago on ASU awards more than 400 degrees

First of all congrats to the degree holders!, I know the trial and tribulations endured,and secondly I do agree that Baskerville gave a racially slanted commencement address. It seems that Barack Obama`s mulatto heritage is always forgotten during all things black. I find the dismissal of his 50% white racial make-up insulting. The organization NAEOHE ,the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education,is racially prejudiced for their support of just black people.The name should be changed to NAEOBHE, for accuracy. In closing, hopefully, the majority of graduates possess more than a paper degree. I have worked with someone that was a graduate of ATC in air-conditioning that did not know the basics, but held a "degree", a paper degree that was not worth the ink used to write it. :]


Conf3d3rat343var 2 years, 7 months ago on Group to host annual Confederate ceremony

Not for fame or reward Not for place or for rank Not lured by ambition Or goaded by necessity But in simple Obedience to duty As they understood it These men suffered all Sacrificed all Dared all – and died