D5S 1 year, 10 months ago on Second District should re-elect Sanford Bishop

After 20 years, instance after instance of corruption, vote after vote that fails to bring solutions in Washington, thousands of jobs leaving our District, NO. The Second District should NOT reelect Sanford Bishop!

Bishop is only experienced in following the Democratic Party line. That is why him and Nancy Pelosi share voting records that are exactly the same 97% of the time. Do you really think, Albany Herald, that the Second District of Georgia is really anything like San Francisco?

Sanford Bishop has NOT lead in Congress, he has followed. Constituents in this District did not want Obamacare, Bishop voted for it anyway. Constituents in this District did not want partial birth abortion, Bishop voted for it anyway.

I cannot believe the writers at the Albany Herald are so incompetent as to think that more of the same, an experienced politician is exactly what this District needs. Sure hope you're voting for Obama because Bishop = Obama 97% of the time too. Do you writers really think that our nation is going in a good direction?

As for me, I'm tired of corrupt politicians. Washington is full of them. Sanford Bishop has not brought jobs or prosperity to the Second District. We are not better off under his "leadership," primarily because he DOES NOT LEAD. He only follows. I'm voting for a patriot with John House, NOT a politician.

John House is immensely more qualified to represent our District than Bishop. Retired Colonel, small business owner, university professor, and he hasn't spent 20 years in Washington cozying up to the lobbyists.

Sanford Bishop is NOT part of the solution, he is part of the problem. But what do you really expect? He doesn't live in our District anymore, he lives in Washington D.C.


D5S 1 year, 10 months ago on Phoebe Digestive Health Center to host grand opening

My wife, who has two years of experience as a Registered Nurse, and several friends who recently graduated from Darton's nursing program applied for sever positions at Pheobe. All of them ended up getting jobs at Tift Regional Medical Center because of Pheobe's excessive wait times and lack of communication with prospective hires. I mean, hey, after 4 weeks of not hearing anything who wouldn't start exploring other options.

What we found out, after my wife switched to Tift, was that Pheobe didn't seem to be hiring much at all currently and that many prospective Albany nurses were going to Tifton to work instead. We all know that Pheobe has a less than stellar reputation in its own community but I think there's an important correlation here. Congressman Bishop, who, since it is an election year, will show up to the grand opening, has said that he has brought thousands of jobs to our District.

Even in light of this clinic soon opening, I am still not impressed. I still ask, "where are the jobs, Sanford?"

Come on, folks. 20 years is long enough! Our Congressman clearly isn't part of the solution in Washington, and he clearly hasn't done enough to bring jobs back to this area. Especially considering all of the big companies that have left this District in the time he has been in office. Merck, Cooper, Delphi, Jamison, just to name a few, Those companies represent thousands of jobs. So, where are the jobs, Mr. Bishop?

This November, vote for the representation we deserve. Vote for a patriot NOT a politician. Vote for John House.


D5S 1 year, 11 months ago on Bishop gains endorsements

After 20 years it's past time for Sanford to go. We deserve better representation! That's why, when I early voted today, I voted for a patriot NOT a politician.


D5S 1 year, 11 months ago on Bishop gains endorsements

Bishop has been in office for 20 years and is part of the problem in Washington. By the way, where are the "thousands of jobs" Mr. Bishop claims to have brought to the 2nd. District? Did he bring them here when companies like Merck and Cooper Tire decided to leave town?

I'm tired of corrupt politicians, I am voting for a Patriot this November. John House, who is most certainly NOT a politician.


D5S 1 year, 11 months ago on A look at Ga.'s 14 congressional races

He obviously doesn't know how to vet federal grant requests either. Haven't you heard about the $75,000 grant, our tax dollars, getting lost?


D5S 1 year, 11 months ago on D5S

20 years is long enough, it's time to boot Bishop! Aren't tired of politicians and their lies? Vote for John House, a patriot NOT a politician.