DCSSTeacher 2 years, 6 months ago on Goseer, four DCSS principals to retire

Gloria Baker works as Asst. Principal at the South Georgia Regional Achievement Center (the alternative school) under Dr. John I. Davis. She keeps good company now with those who let the child molester in their building. Don't worry! DCSS can retain and rehire all they want. The Professional Standards Commission will have their say in the end. Due to their volume of cases each year, they usually take about a year to two years to resolve an open case like her's.


DCSSTeacher 2 years, 6 months ago on Albany teen makes own path to college

Patrick, don't get so upset over this article. It is vintage Carlton. Trust me when I say that no one in the DCSS takes him seriously anyway. Think about it: why should we pay attention to the racist pontification of a child molester? This man was removed from Westover years ago for an inappropriate relationship with a student. And he is suddenly qualified to sit in judgment of the "treatment" that this child endured?

You cannot expect teachers and administrators to take someone seriously who makes accusations but offers no corroborating evidence, who changes schools more than she changes clothes, and who takes no responsibility for her own behavior. Plenty of "gifted" children finish their work early and find other ways to occupy their time besides becoming a classroom disruption.

Bottom line: anyone who changes schools that many times proves that the problem wasn't always the school. She was a problem student. Look for the pattern! The pattern always reveals the truth. Something Fletcher the Molester obviously missed...


DCSSTeacher 2 years, 7 months ago on School police say O'Neal 'slipped through the cracks'

Be very careful in taking what JC Phillips has to say at face value. The badge can be deceptive and alluring. It's a well known fact in the DCSS that Phillips holds high ambitions and is using his current position to further his goals. He was speaking out of turn in throwing the SGRAC administrators under the bus and should have referred that comment to RD Harter or Tommy Coleman. Volunteers are cleared through Goseer's office via the DDCSSPD. The administrators should not have let this guy in the building without being cleared first, but Phillip's covering his superiors' rears here also.

John I. Davis has been rumored to be retiring anyway, so it is no skin off their nose to smear him on his way out the door. Kills two birds with one stone! Notice how he pointed us in that direction without specifically naming names. Pretty smooth...


DCSSTeacher 2 years, 7 months ago on Pelham teacher charged after incident

I understand you feel the need to uphold the "innocent until proven guilty" standard, but there are always two sides (sometimes more!) to situations like this. At the end of the day, no matter how justified this man felt in his anger towards the principal...his conduct was unbecoming and unprofessional. This violates the standard of ethics of his chosen profession. He knew that going into it and should definitely have known it as a veteran teacher.

Nothing justifies physical confrontation in an educational setting. We hold the public trust and, as such, are held to a higher level of accountability.

Even if he was justified in shoving the principal, he should have been jailed for hitting a woman!


DCSSTeacher 2 years, 8 months ago on DCSS Finance Committee hears Title I report

Dr. Graper is no longer Director of Federal Programs or Title I. She was demoted to "K-5 Math Curriculum Content Coordinator." You would think that Math would be the last thing she should supervise, but, apparently, someone thought elementary math was all she was capable of calculating!


DCSSTeacher 2 years, 9 months ago on Mosely trying to deliver on promise of DCSS transparency

Check the Board minutes when he got approved for the new position. The minutes always include a resume or C.V. for public information when administrative positions are filled.


DCSSTeacher 2 years, 10 months ago on Assistant principal's certifcation pulled

If you paid attention, you'd remember that the last WHS coach to have inappropriate relations with a student was removed from his position immediately. There was too much evidence against him. Coach Chunn doesn't tolerate such conduct and he's known all over the system for it. I just wish the leaders in my building would take some of his initiative.

Interestingly enough, that same coach had nepotistic connections to a former Curriculum Director who is also no longer employed by DCSS. Karma is a beautiful thing.


DCSSTeacher 2 years, 10 months ago on Assistant principal's certifcation pulled

@pocketdoc: Educators are held to a higher accountability because we hold the public trust. We voluntarily take the responsibility of caring for the safety and well-being of our community's children while you are at work. You place that trust in our hands every morning. Companies and industries are private and can be held to different standards. If an educator is not willing to rise above his/her base instincts and conduct him/herself accordingly, then they deserve every repercussion coming to them.

The Professional Standards Commission takes every case into consideration before deciding a verdict. Mr. James' case involved more than his handling of a fight. The PSC apparently looked at his WHOLE record and decided it was better to remove him.

This case proves that our esteemed Board can stick its collective head in the sand all it wants. It can slap folks on the wrist, return them, re-shuffle them, and restore them...but the ultimate decision is not their's to make. Even they are subject to the oversight of the State BOE and the PSC...thank God for small miracles!


DCSSTeacher 2 years, 11 months ago on Board interviews three interim superintendent candidates

@waltspecht: There are some individuals who make a living in semi-retirement as caretaker administrators for principalships or superintendencies. They (and their potential employers) know that the job is temporary and have experience in the daily administrative responsibilities required of the job. It's not their job to provide long-term vision, but to keep the seat warm for the permanent hire to come. As Terry said before, we should be more focused on who is hired for the long-term rather than this interim position.


DCSSTeacher 3 years, 3 months ago on Price wins school post

Here is your 11-foot pole: If you Google his name, Albany State still has a published copy of his curriculum vitae (resume) published online. You can access it for a very interesting read about a very arrogant man with more gloss than substance: