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You obviously didn't understand the question. The question stated, "Do you think children in poverty learn differently?" The answer is obviously, "NO!" Poverty and wealth do not determine your learning capacity! You have just as much ability to learn as the next person. Certainly your learning style is different and teachers must tailor their lessons accordingly, but the question was directly referring to an "east-side vs. west side" issue underneath the fancy rhetoric. For Anita Williams-Brown to assert that students learn differently depending on which side of town they live is racist and defeatist. I've taught on both sides of the river and had high passing rates on standardized tests regardless of the group of students in my room. Yes, I'm bragging because I'm proud of my work ethic. We DO need the community involved in our students' success! Our school system leaders need to be held accountable by the community leaders when they lead us incorrectly. That's why Murfree and the Gang get away with so much...everyone has given up on us.


DCSSTeacher 3 years ago on DCSS CRCT scores up in '12

-Walt, you are absolutely correct. Planning and professional development days are not the reason these students did not perform at a high rate. I realize we have to look for gains wherever they are, but our passing rates hover in the 60-70% range for most tests most of the time. We might deviate above or below that range occasionally, but that is the norm. It is unacceptable and the reason is a systematic lack of desire to be better employees than we are.
-If I look around me at my slack, underperforming colleagues who are letting their classes watch movies or have "peer studying" (code word for chat time) during class, their test scores are abysmal, yet their yearly evaluations are "satisfactory" (because they performed the one dog-and-pony show lesson they have perfected for the administrator) and there are never any repercussions, then why should I spend 3 hours a night developing my lessons, stay before and after school to tutor, teach bell-to-bell, and research the latest best-practices on my weekends to stay up-to-speed? What's the incentive?! I can slack like everyone else and stop taking Botox for my stress wrinkles!

-It's an institutional problem that must be addressed by each administration on the building level...consistently and with no favoritism involved. It's not personal, it's business.


DCSSTeacher 3 years ago on Velvet Riggins appears before tribunal

In the words of the DCSS Criminal-in-Chief, J.W.M. Jr., I quote from his "Friday Inspiration" email on 6/25/12:

"Be careful of the faces during the day as the pattern of what you see in their faces will change. Be careful of the night fall as the faces will do something totally different because they think you are asleep. Listen to their speech as the speech will give you the truth of what they really have in their hearts. Listen to their laughter and see how long it lasts when you walk away. Remember that closed eyes do not mean that ears are not listening. Know your fight and stick to the fight that fits your vision! Stay wise my colleagues."

I guess these are the type of things he whispered in a velvety-voice to our beloved, indicted board member as she faced the Tribunal hearing.


DCSSTeacher 3 years ago on Career academy voted down 4-3

Do not wonder and question why these board members voted the way they did. This is election season and they want to be re-elected by their constituencies! It's politics pure and simple. Think about their reasoning:

  1. Riggins changed her vote because she knew the black community was wishy-washy on her re-election bid despite no opposition. She is on thin ice because of the vaunted "fiscal responsibility" she claims to be upholding. Taking a stand on the directorship issue and voting down the Charter School was a bone she tossed to the dogs that were nipping at her heels. Now Rev. Simmons can endorse her to his congregation because she fell in line with his demands. Quid pro quo!
  2. Mashke is a lame duck trying to protect his "legacy" by throwing himself on his sword in all of these wild votes he's been casting recently. His votes are all over the map because he wants to appear magnanimous, conciliatory, and "above the fray" as he rides into the sunset...lest we remember he has been on the front lines of the racial war in the BOE during this decade.
  3. Tharin and Ealum are trying to stem the tides in their Quixotic quest to change the system. The problem is they have no diplomatic or political skills to get things done. The louder they whine and holler, the more they look ineffective and bitter.
  4. Junebug and Bush were never going to vote to dissolve the "sacred cow" that is Albany HS. They are racist, mindless flunkies who do the bidding of their masters.
  5. Williams-Brown is also desperately trying to hold on to her seat in the upcoming election.
  6. Murfree changed his tune to the black community because he needs their endorsements and blessings when he eventually tries to seek a university presidency somewhere else. What he doesn't realize is that many people would gladly give him a recommendation to take his bag of tricks elsewhere!

DCSSTeacher 3 years, 1 month ago on Wright: CRCT nonrenewals are all part of a ‘witch hunt’


You are absolutely right! It's funny how so many of my colleagues preach that every child is capable of learning and has the ability to reach high standards of achievement, but their actions contradict their "beliefs."

The problem in the CRCT scandal was NOT the students making erasures! It was the overwhelming number of corrections made by EMPLOYEES to raise their own test score percentages! Student can make any number of corrections during test time, but teachers and proctors can NOT aid the student in any way during the testing process or after if has finished! Statistics do not lie. Numbers do not lie. Those people were caught because of their own incompetence.

If you do the job you were hired to do (instead of playing movies or playing on your computer), then you won't have to worry about your students' test scores!

Finally,, DCSS substitute teachers should not be given interview time. The only requirement the county has for getting hired is whether you can breathe. They do not "teach" or have any involvement in the learning process. They are glorified babysitters who can't even do that job properly! You ought to see some of the morons who cover classes. It boggles the mind.


DCSSTeacher 3 years, 1 month ago on Coleman confirms all 24 DCSS teachers issued nonrenewals will appeal dismissals

Bubbavet_rureel (or should we call you "Dr. Murfree?"),

You obviously love speaking without thinking when you assume that people do not know the evidence. While the public does not have full access to the tapes and interviews taken by state investigators and legal personnel, we DO have access to the detailed report from the Governor's Office. The Albany Herald (bless them for transparency and accountability!) published these documents on their website for all to read. It's quite interesting reading if you have a few minutes.

Oh wait, Bubbavet-rureel, you can hardly spell and use grammar correctly! Let us know if you need help making your way through the pages!

Here is Part One:



DCSSTeacher 3 years, 1 month ago on Coleman confirms all 24 DCSS teachers issued nonrenewals will appeal dismissals

This is exactly the attitude that gives teachers a bad reputation. We are NOT entitled to this job. This is not something we are owed! Teachers should earn their credentials from reputable institutions, practice professionally and ethically their vocation, and continue their professional development to learn new strategies for self-improvement. The sick attitude in Albany is that certain individuals should be guaranteed their positions merely because of whom they know and to which sorority or fraternity they pledged. This is ludicrous! No wonder our children fall BELOW our expectations instead of "beyond" them (as our superintendent likes to say).

I really hope your pseudonym "straightface" indicates you are joking sarcastically with us while maintaining a straight face instead of actually believing the words you post.


DCSSTeacher 3 years, 1 month ago on Albany High's Arnold feels twice honored

Have worked with her several times at workshops and county meetings. A wonderful choice for ToTy!


DCSSTeacher 3 years, 1 month ago on DCSS reimburses student's bail

Discussion about you "going away" has nothing to do with ethnicity, gender, or any other irrelevant topic. This discussion is about merit. Period. If you want the respect of those you "lead," then stop catering to the crowd whose attitude is one of entitlement and corruption. Think of the children we teach instead of the cohorts you associate with. You do that and your leadership will never be called into question.

Leadership does not mean that you have the right to not be criticized and questioned. If anything, the Constitution you ignorantly quote guarantees the citizens' right to question and protest when the government abuses their authority.

Remember that old anecdote: "What do you call a leader with no followers? Just a guy out taking a walk."

Just being friendly...


DCSSTeacher 3 years, 1 month ago on For Collier, the journey is rewarding

Worked with him before at county meetings. Great guy and well-deserving! You're right, Ruby. It's good to see hard work rewarded with no regard to skin color.