Dantes 1 year, 11 months ago on Gun lobby’s fanaticism prevails over common sense

We still live in a nation of laws, and exploiting tragedy to gain a political goal is not how it works. In addition, as even the supporters of all this legislation were forced to admit, none of it would have prevented Sandy Hook. As for criminals openly selling and receiving guns using the internet...that is already a crime. Why isn't the government cracking down on them? Are you a Second Amendment attorney? Because David Kopel and other's who analyzed the legislation concluded that the backround check did not actually prohibit a registry...it just prevented one particular government agency from instituting it. Look it up.

Finally, as a gun owner who was involved in calling my Senators, etc. I am tired of people like you essentially equating us to be terrorist baby killers. You might STFU and listen to what we have to say. Since you don't want to, there is no reason to take you seriously.