DavidWh 2 years, 8 months ago on Cost of gas plant cleanup looming

Having cleaned up several of these sites in GA and elsewhere, I can speak to a few of the questions listed...

The soil removed would go to a "lined" landfill, and yes, it is more secure there then where it currently is.

The "huge hole" is because these facilities had underground "gas holders" that were usually made of concrete or brick. They are basically big underground tanks. The size listed in the article is pretty common to these sites. The scope would typically be to remove the gas holder, and any contents, along with any visibly impacted soil around it.

As far as treating the soil with bacteria, that approach works primarily with "trace" amounts of contaminants, not heavy concentrations of tar, as would be encountered here. That may well be a way to address any residual contamination after the "source" of contamination is removed.

The big swing in costs is typically either attributed to the difference between a "worst case" and "best case" scenario. The worst case usually involved groundwater cleanup, which takes a long time and is expensive.

Hope that helps.