DoCocitizen 2 years, 7 months ago on State asks DCSS for documentation for FY 2012 Title I expenditures

I was thinking the same thing ---- just went to the website posted previously for Joseph Washington. If he was good enough to warrant big bucks, why was he locked away in the gyms and auditoriums of Dougherty, Monroe, and Albany High???? Why wasn't this presented to the city, sponsored by the DCSS, at the Municipal Auditorium or civic center for ALL to reap the benefits of motivation?? What were the topics covered in the presentations he made to the HS students, and why did he not visit Westover while he was in town? If he was so great, my son at Westover missed out. I guess we missed out because Westover is not a Title I school...and maybe it was not "public" because those in-charge knew it was not an approved expenditure of funds.


DoCocitizen 2 years, 11 months ago on What does the future hold for civic center?

I was part of an international entertainment group that performed at the Albany Civic Center spring of 1984. 28 years ago - and it was quite new at that time. So 30 years is about on the mark for the age of the Albany Civic Center.