DrMax 2 years, 12 months ago on Officer dies during chase

Albany Police Officer Terry Fleming died running courageously toward what scary things other, less noble souls perpetually run away from. God Bless her, and all others like her. Though I only met her once in passing, I observed her to be exceedingly courteous, with a quick eye always scanning her surroundings. She was sharply dressed, and she was squared away. She was a credit to her department and to her family, quite obviously a person who took great pride in her embrace of personal and social responsibility. That said, I conclude: Rest in Peace Good Warrior, Rest in Peace.

But as regards some of the posters to this site, especially those like "firefly, bubbavet, MRKIA, and chinaberry25" - their whiney, uninformed, uneducated, ignorant, directionless, witless, irresponsible, and especially ignoble scribblings reveal mouldy, unimportant souls yearning for a purpose and a voice that has forever escaped them. If any of the aforelisted dank, putrid, miniscule minds had but a single decent and worthy cell in their bodies, they would have been Albany Policemen. But because they obviously lack the integrity and altruistic resolve necessary for the profession, they have instead chosen to bad-mouth, from behind the cloak of cowardly, closeted anonymity, the young fallen officer ... and her department ... and her profession, in order to make themselves feel better about what losers they are become and what an absolute waste their own life has been. It would be for the best if all such as these simply crawled back under whatever rocks they call home, consider deeply their own pathetic, small, dirty & useless lives - and beg death come quickly to shy them away to wherever cowards like them spend eternity.

The Problem with Albany is the Culture of Disresponsibility that pervades it. And the irresponsible chatter often found on these comment posts is symptomatic of the contagious deadly social disease that is destroying this town, our nation, and our civilization.