ECantorGOP 2 years, 6 months ago on Coleman: Sabbs deal violates policy

I'm a 20-yr educator in the DCSS. This is absolutely ridiculous. I've constantly tried to work with the superintendent and/or BOE, but come on now!!! Someone HAS TO BE FIRED on this one!!! WOW!!!! I am speechless after reading this article!


ECantorGOP 3 years ago on Obama: American dream in peril, fast action needed

I truly enjoyed the speech. Southwest GA (and the south in general) might as well accept the fact that things are turning around and the time for our continued "stinkin thinking" is old. President Obama will be elected again and I plan on voting for him, for the GOP field is pitiful. Unemployment is decreasing, consumer confidence is increasing, and the power of positive thinking will always defeat the stench of SWGA's "stinkin thinking." YES WE CAN!!!........AGAIN!!!!