FLYABY 2 years, 5 months ago on Aviation Commission discusses new terminal, budget cuts

Fryar--Who specifically did you speak in Airport Management? This is the Airport Director and I have never been contacted by anyone about our parking concessionaire. The parking concessionaire employees are supposed to ask for a receipt for every transaction, whether for cash or credit. The computer equipment they use creates an internal receipt for every transaction and every ticket that is pulled must have a corresponding exit transaction. If you can provide me with specific dates and times of when you passed through, then I can investigate it further. Please call me at 430-5175.

The City receives a percentage of receipts, and I can assure you that I care very much about whether our concessionaire is providing the proper customer service and financial receipts to the City.

As to the comment made by LikeItIs and our dependability, we have had a total of 9 outbound cancelations in the past year--5 mechanical cancelations and 4 weather related. In the past year, 875 flights (88%) have operated on time and 34 flights (3%) were an hour or more late. The dependability has greatly increased in the past few years.

We realize that there is always room for improvement, and we are trying to make those improvments. It is an individual decision that each person makes to use their local airport or not. We appreciate those in SW Georgia who continue to use our facility and we look forward to our new fresh look.