FactCheck 3 years, 3 months ago on History’s on the side of assault weapon ban

Mr. Wright - are you guilty of ignorance or purposeful statement of mistruths? No one is capable of 100 shots with an "assault weapon" in 10 seconds. Assault weapons are semi-automatic weapons, which means that you have to pull the trigger one distinct time for each round fired. 100 shots in 10 seconds would mean 10 trigger pulls per second. In actuality, weapons experts are only able to fire around 50 rounds in one minute with this type of weapon, which is roughly 1/12 the rate that you claim. Even at this rate you would have no ability to aim and would be spraying random gunfire with very little ability to hit a target. If you are going to spray rounds without aiming and expect to hit something you would need an acual fully automatic machine gun which is capable of firing hundreds of rounds per minute.