Forward_Movementz 3 years, 6 months ago on Watch WFXL FOX-31's Mayoral Debate *LIVE* here at 10:30 p.m.

They need to stop playing politics and let this New Lady in. As far as MsHubbard goes, she is a nice lady,yet nice won't do too good with a city that is starving and needs resusitation and restored. BJ seems a Go-Getter for this city now,not only as Mayor. Put your money where your mouth is and DO SOMETHING FOR THIS CITY. Stop the mumbling and the playing. Also ,tea-party,hot-chocolate-party,or the coffee-party if she is a business-woman;you play:you pay to eat at the restaurant. I personally would serve them also if they came to my establishment. BJ is new and fresh blood for this city and so-fareven as a private citizen she has taken this city forward. And for the (I-don't-knows),I have personally seen her cater to black and white families who weren't able to afford food for funerals,cook ,prepare ,and give the food to the deserving families as a private citizen,just as a token of appreciation for patronizing her businesses. So Stop! God bless us all! Thanks Fox 31 & Thank you AlbanyHerald for pushing us forward and putting the News out-there! Thanks!


Forward_Movementz 3 years, 6 months ago on Hubbard, Fletcher head to runoff

I do know BJ personally and I know that the Lady is Awesome when it comes to a Business Women and when it comes to helping you go-forward with your life if you are ready to take your life to the next level. She offers an opportunity for anyone when a job is available,one of her favorite sayings is ,"all new brooms sweep good"; thats when you are looking for a job, after that ,is the consistency going to keep up? If so you continue to earn your money,if not still she works to keep you improving yourself. This is an excellent opportunity to take this city forward,regardless if the woman is white or black or any other color,it's about the Mayoral race to lead us forward. I think she is the best candidate to do this between the two. The buzz she creates is something that sparks you & you want to do better for yourelf as well as help the lady for the chance to improve and go-on and Great. Thank You


Forward_Movementz 3 years, 6 months ago on Election day looms

I'm Black 'as all outdoors',(figure of speech) and I'm for BJ Fletcher for Mayor of Albany,Ga. . White or Black,male or female if she is qualified & can perform the duties set forth better than the remaining candidates,well she needs to be in our office for this city to take this city forward. It's 2011 ,stop worrying about race or gender,that's not going to move this city forward or this world forward. Even with Dr.Martin Luther,White & Black & Brown died in the process of giving us Freedom,male & female so grow-up. This is a Great Country & a Great City so let's move it forward with BJ Fletcher as our Mayor because the lady can move the city in the right direction with All of Us behind her with support,and that is forward for all of us and to make it thrive with new businesses and new industry. Albany let's GO Forward: Black or White or Brown: The Best Candidate is BJ Fletcher! Trust your instincts,she will get it done & watch our city grow!