GASpectator 3 years, 5 months ago on Phelps family files wrongful death suit against defendant, electronic monitoring company

The ultimate responsibility in this case lies with the Albany DA's office and their reliance on an "ankle bracelet" to monitor Harris for a year and a half. He had already committed an armed robbery in Albany in FEBRUARY 2009 and then was allowed out on a leg monitor by the Albany Judge while waiting on a trial. The Phelps' tragedy happened in JULY of 2010. ONE YEAR AND FIVE MONTHS LATER!!! What was the DA doing in this year and a half??? It doesn't take that long to prepare an armed robbery case I'm sure. If the DA had properly prosecuted this case instead of letting it get lost in his office, Harris would have NEVER been able to even enter the P&P establishment to do anything. I'm all in favor of electronic monitoring, but let's face it, it is NOT a sentence or a long term fix for anyone. And it doesn't STOP anything from happening or STOP anyone from doing exactly what they want to do. If the terms of a person's leg monitor are different in each case since they are set by the Court, how does anyone know what those terms are without carrying a copy of the Order around with them? As I understand it, electronic monitoring is a short-term, temporary solution to allow people to remain out while waiting on going to court. People like Harris should never be given this opportunity, especially if there is no reason for him to be out - no job or responsibility. Apparently, after the February 2009 armed robbery of Title Bucks in Albany, Harris was released and put on a leg monitor by an Albany judge, then he took his terror to Lee County (where was the leg monitoring?) and robbed a convenience store there, and was put on another leg monitor there (??), then he came back to Albany and is charged with this crime. How many times do we allow this to happen?? How many monitors can a person collect?? With his level of crimes, he should never have been let out of the courthouse after his bond hearing on the first crime in Albanhy in 2009. Do we just keep giving people electronic monitoring and then allow them out to commit other crimes? At some point, the effect of his leg monitor was NO effect - forgotten I'm sure. Harris was on it for so long that he probably forgot he even had one!!