Ginger 1 year, 7 months ago on FTC, Phoebe case set for arguments

I was a Palmyra supporter, but have to now admit I have changed my mind and support Phoebe in this deal. Here is why:

Industries closing: For those scared that having only one hospital is going to run off industry.. hello? we've lost industry here when we had two. Maybe consolidation will acutally help with healthcare costs. Can't hurt to try at this point. HCA: they're not coming back..ever. They cashed their check. I was visting a friend at Palmyra before the acquisition and was stunned at how antiquated the place was. HCA obviously quit investing in Albany long ago. Numbers: I read recently how low the volume at Palmyra was. They have floors completely empty.
Phoebe: I have no doubt they'll fix the place up, fill the rooms, and make it special. It is what they do. Two Hospital towns: We all would love another hospital to why not have three, or four? Fact is, we're a small town and it isn't feasible. What about Thomasville, Valdosta (bigger than Albany), Tifton, Columbus (3 of 4 one owner), and others all are one hospital towns. It is what it is. Closing: I worry that if the courts rule against Phoebe, that place will close. Who would want to buy an out dated hospital whose market share is low and whose competitor is has all the bells and whistles - in a non growing area with high poverty?
I'm sure many will find fault with my logic, but it is time to put this behind and look ahead. Ginger