Godsman 2 years, 3 months ago on ELECTION 2012: Dougherty County Coroner - Michael Fowler

To all of you...I know mr. Fowler, when I lost my aunt the beginning of January 2011. He gave me and my family relief to know what actually happened to her, when the coroner did not know the cause other than the disease (which did not kill her). Mr. Fowler was there for me and my family. Regardless of slander that people put behind his name...Mr.Fowler will be the coroner, and it's because of so much criticism that the community puts on him...I will be praying that he wins because he deserves it...no one endures so many tasks and put in hard work like he has for nothing...think about if the tables were turned on u. But God knows best! Mr. Fowler IS the Doughtery County Coroner 2012!


Godsman 2 years, 3 months ago on Fowler committed to serving young people

@LuLu... Maybe u perceive the wrong idea...or just need better judgement of this letter. In no shape, fashion or form does this letter speak death among any young people whatsoever. It's all about bringing life to youth who you see on the streets of Dougherty county, or ones that don't have a prospective future... Or an idea what they want to be. All they know is what mom or dad has taught them. Every parent doesn't teach thier child to better themselves. It will hurt a lot of people to stop a random fifteen year old and ask them what do they know about a job or what skills do they have to prepare them for a progressing world. Mr. Fowler doesn't just empliment his abilities to run for coroner, but he shows integrity and hope for people who don't have a thing, but wish to have! I get frustrated with the community when they have a gift from God, but refuse to let your opinions just because u don't know them get in the way... This man has willingly poured his heart out to young people who desire to be better. And I can say that proudly because he has instructed me how to be a man and handle responsibilities to become someone responsible... Don't miss out on someone who won't overlook u when your in need!

God bless.