Gregmac30 2 years, 7 months ago on Next title’s in the oven for Auburn

Wow Gamble! First (and last) time reading ur work. Based on this article I'd have to assume ur columns are neither objective nor factual. The 11-1 season u refer to to open this article was 1984. Dye stepped down in 92. I'll do the math for u, since I can only assume anyone who actually follows ur work isn't capable 84 ... Carry the 1.... 92... Um 8 years. Also, Petrino was at Louisville, not arkansas. Which is slightly confusing, because ur trying to associate auburn mistakes from 2003 with petrino mistakes from 2011. It comes across a little forced to anyone who reads and actually follows college sports. granted, this is totally in line with most reporting theses days. If its not true, or didn't really happen, to hell with it. I'll just construe it to make it work for my story. And I'm totally confused by ur use of the word "we". Did u use to be a tiger fan before moving to Georgia and deciding to make a living writing punch-bag auburn articles for Dawg fans? Did the Herald interupt ur holiday vacation by forcing u to string some garbage together?