Holli 3 years, 7 months ago on ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law needs immediate review

The unedited tapes have Zimmerman talking with the police dispatcher. He is letting her know where he is located and where the "man" is at. It took a while before she realized he was following to tell him to stop. By that point, Martin was running and Zimmerman lost him, but stayed put like the dispatcher asked. He was to wait for the police to arrive. Now according to Martin's girlfriend, whom he was talking to while being followed, he told her he lost him but could still see him. He said he was going to confront the man following him. I am sorry to say, but a scared little 17 year old does not go out for a confrontation. I too am a mother and would never want to live this scenario. But I have to look at what is being presented by both parties. I think the girlfriend gave away more than she was supposed to and that is why we have not heard more from her.


Holli 3 years, 7 months ago on America's love affair with firearms is national insanity

Being a small framed female with a young child and one on the way, I feel the need to protect my family while my husband is on travel with work. I do not think that I am considered crazy. Since obtaining my concealed carry I have purchased a few guns. I refuse to become a victim in this "Good Life City," and I will not allow someone to enter my home with my child inside and only be armed with a phone to call the police. It is a known fact that when a criminal feels threatened they become the most violent. If they know you are calling the police, they will try to stop you. That is how my friend got her jaw blown off while watching her mother get shot to death. The man thought he killed my friend, and knew her mother was dead. Unfortunately that same man that committed such a violent act was set free after ten years. He obtained another gun and killed an elderly woman while trying to rob her when she reached for the phone to call police. If any of those people would have been armed, someone could have put a stop to two murders and a lifelong stint in rehab for correctional surgeries and speech therapy.


Holli 3 years, 7 months ago on Squawk of the day - April 4, 2012

I must say I understand where Coach is coming from. When I was growing up the cutoff for insurance on teenagers was eighteen. I was going off to college on a scholarship when both my parents became very sick. My father was unable to work for a while and had numerous surgeries scheduled when the doctors found a brain tumor on my mom. I decided to stay home with them and work two jobs to help support their lack of income. I was 24 when I finally moved out and they were both healthy again. I was not able to start school for about a year. I believe what Coach is talking about is not every child has the ability, or the luck, to go off to college and focus only on school. By those standards I would have been a pharmacist like my sister-in-law at age 26, or already be working on my PhD like my husband. His parents paid for the first four year of college for each of their children. My parents worked hard to provide for our combined household and we knew any chance of college would require a scholarship and student loans. I may not have been able to start school as early as my peers, but I am about to begin my MBA program. I am 28 now, and plan to be finished around my 30th birthday without help from anyone, not even grants because I do not qualify for "free money". It suits me just fine though because I have paid out of pocket for everything HOPE did not pay for.