HopeandChange 1 year, 2 months ago on Library Board votes to re-bid main library renovations

The first thing that would have been nice for this board was to have selected a local Architectural firm to do the renovation work. Albany complains so much about losing business to other cities, yet here is a clear example of saying one thing, but doing another. Don't you think that out of the four major firms at least one would have been qualified to do the work. If memory serves me correctly if you go look at the dedication plaque one firm actually did the original design of converting the old Rhodes store. Upon further inspection you will see that the Project Architect also now has his own firm. The other two firms here in Albany are also MORE than qualified. All of these firms understand the Albany market, the Contractors in the area, and maybe just maybe they could have avoided this issue. If you support local then it supports the community and you get better results. Here is hoping that Albany can change for the better, but it is becoming clear that it is doubtful.