ITellthetruth 3 years, 1 month ago on Nonchalance about U.S. Marines' safety is appalling


I would like to point out that you aren't fooling anyone, by your comment it is very easy to see that you are an officer that has close ties to the Commander, spouse, or a senior enlisted member of his command. Therefore your comment is bias and should not be accepted. Here is how I know this:

1) When you say "First off..."- this type of beginning and attitude are prime examples of an officer or senior enlisted member, because they feel they have the right to "tell people how it is".

2) Your detailed knowledge of Major Galvin. (I don't think I need to go into detail with you about how the Major was not in the wrong with his previous actions, if the Major was then he would've had a higher degree of punishment. I see YOU failed to leave that part out of the story).

3) When you say "as the unit is still there". Shows you are in communication with the unit.

4) And lastly when you post your comment one day after the Commander addressed this issue to his Battalion.

You are extremely foolish and a poor leader if you actually believe your comment of "Sounds to me like the Commander accomplished his mission.". The Commander put the lives of his Marines in danger, when a perfectly acceptable alternative with much a lower risk factor was available. If there hadn't been a trench to shield the blast from the Marines, then the Commander's actions would've killed his own men, and I'm sure you'd be singing a different tune. The Commander didn't using even the basic forms of the Operational Risk Management System, a system that is taught to an E-1 in the military. He is so intent on his own agenda that he'd sacrifice the careers, money, reputations, livelihoods and lives of others. This is ineptitude of the highest order and selfishness of the greatest magnitude. The Commander should face a court martial and be put out of the marine corps with no benefits. It is sad and pathetic that there has not been any justice seen from the actions of such a irresponsible and reckless Commander.

Major Galvin simply told the facts and so has Diana West.