Insight 2 years, 1 month ago on Leaders signal dissatisfaction with Georgia Tech

The information as it is presented can lead to inaccurate conclusions. Georgia Tech Procurement Assistance Center receives more than $1M dollars per year from the DOD to assist small businesses in Georgia to compete for contracts. All states in the US have this service or can have this service.

The contract GTPAC had with the City of Albany was for additional services to benefit small businesses. Chuch Schdal has not been as forthcoming as he should have been. Also, the information that Chuck Schadl gave concerning the dollars small business have received as a result of Georgia Tech, is misleading.

When you become a client of Georgia Tech, you must report all monies that you have been awarded whether Georgia Tech was helpful or not in you (the small buisness) winning the contract.This report gives the impression that Georgia Tech has been a catalyst in some way to help small business win contracts in the millions. Not true. If the report reflected how many contracts were awarded to small businesses as a result of GTPAC providing assistance at some level, the amount of contract awards would be much much lower,

William Wright is right about the services that Georgia Tech has provided lately is what is covered with the Federal Funds they receive every year. Where William Wright is totally wrong is that the efforts should go strictly to black owned businesses.

Those who have taken advantage of GTPAC services have been mostly minorities. In addition, the service is not to target a specific race of people. Wright is wrong here. Already built into the process are award points that favors small and minority owned businesses when assessing certain proposals. And, it would be in violation of federal law for these federal funds to go solely to educating and assisting one race or group of people over another.

Even if the funds were to target a specfic race, such as blacks or group such as women, then that criteria has been fulfilled anyway by the mere fact that the majority of people who attend the classes and taken advantage of the services have been black and women.

There are more categories of minorities than people who are black. There are women, veterans, disabled veterans, etc. All of these groups, including whites can attend the classes. This is for ALL citizens, not just for a select few.

Now, let's talk about was was not mentioned in the article. What is GTPAC doing with the additional funds that the City of Albany and the Dougherty County paid to assist in small business development? Have they met their contractual obligations with the city and county? Can Chuck Schadl give an detail account of how the funds have been spent? Why is there such a high turnover rate among Georgia Tech Counselors in Albany? What is really going on?

There is much more to this issue than is being reported. Look before you leap and you may find under the rug a bit of dirt.


Insight 2 years, 1 month ago on Ray Charles Foundation wants $3 million gift back

As the article is written, in part, the information is not 100% accurate. When Ray Charles donated the funds, it was done so under Madam Portia Shields, the ASU President at that time. The intent of the Ray Charles Foundation could have been to have the funds solely invested in a building for Ray Charles, but it was not stated (either written or verbal) that the funds would go solely to the erection of a building. As a result, Madam President, Portia Shields gave a significant portion of the donated funds to students for scholarships. Madam President, Portia Shields left ASU in 2004/2005 when she learned that the Board of Regents would not renew her contract with ASU as a result of many warnings she ignored and "foul" plays under her administration. In 2005, President Freeman was hired to head ASU. It wasn't until President Freeman had been at ASU for a while when he learned of the delimma with the Ray Charles Foundation and the funds donated to ASU. Unfortunately, this problem was inherited by the current administration. Currently, the plan is to erect the building when the funds that the previous President doled out to students is supplemented. It is an unfortunate situation, however, it is in the plans to erect a building on behalf of Ray Charles. It's just going to take a little longer to get it done at this point.