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J.D._Sumner 2 years, 6 months ago on Squawk of the Day - Feb. 21, 2013

Two points, China... A. Judge Sands was appointed by a president, I think it was Clinton, to serve. He wasn't elected. Second, Phoebe doesn't receive money from Dougherty County to treat the indigent. There was a time when they were, but between federal subsidies and Medicare/Medicaid, they don't receive any local tax dollars for indigent care. They do, however, have a contract for inmate care at the jail, but I think that's somewhere around $700k for three years? Not sure about the numbers.


J.D._Sumner 2 years, 6 months ago on SPLOST funds can't be used for multimodal station, officials say

Your'e right Albanyman, multimodal does refer to multiple modes of transportation. In this instance those modes include intercity bus transit, interstate bus travel, regional bus travel through a state funded program and taxi's, bicycles and the like. The original site plan was near a rail spur on the off chance that in 50 years Albany might be included in a budding rail network across the state.

And the current site is privately owned, receiving $80k each year in subsidies from the federal government, subsidies that city folks think will end if they don't build their own transit center or purchase that one. (There was an agreement when the old transfer station was closed that the feds would temporarily pay rent on for the other bus station.

The current owners want the city to pay $1.8 million for that site, making it one of the more expensive options on the list.


J.D._Sumner 2 years, 6 months ago on City forecloses on L'Juas; former owner files suit to block sale

It's all public record. Send an e-mail to ndavis2@albany.ga.us. They have three days to respond and can charge you up to 25 cents per page and the hourly salary of the lowest paid employee capable of doing the job past the first 15 minutes of research.


J.D._Sumner 2 years, 6 months ago on New law will 'double tax' auto leases

According to Denver, you'll no longer have to pay the sales tax. You'll just pay the title fee. So in the end, one should come out ahead unless they lease.


J.D._Sumner 2 years, 7 months ago on McAfee: RiverQuarium needs new business model

You should laugh at who ever advised you not to come downtown after dark. It's obvious you haven't been in town lately, especially downtown. I've worked downtown for six years, including late nights, I've lived a half mile from downtown for more than a year and, other than some neighbor issues and your typical juvenile delinquency, have had absolutely zero problems.

If you've been gone since the 1980's, (which by the way is when Albany was the so-called murder capital of the world; this past year we had the lowest number of murders since they started keeping annual stats on murders back in the early 1970's, maybe you should just focus on your own home town instead of venting non-constructive criticism about something you obviously know nothing about.

You, and everyone else who posts here or lives in Albany-Dougherty County, can either part of the solution or be part of the problem. The first step is being informed.


J.D._Sumner 2 years, 7 months ago on Board terminates Monroe assistant principal’s contract

Just an FYI, Christopher Pike is an elected member of the Albany City Commission not the Dougherty County School Board.


J.D._Sumner 2 years, 7 months ago on Big Daddy’s loses alcohol license

Ward III Commissioner Christopher Pike posted this to his facebook page this morning:

As a general rule I don’t comment on posts people make in the comment section on the local news sites but I think it’s important to clarify my vote and/or abstention during the resent alcohol revocation hearings.

First the alcohol revocation hearings were not scheduled during a normal City Commission meeting –these were extra meetings.

I was not able to attend the first hearing involving Charley B's and Club Xscape due to a scheduling conflict. When the motion was made at a regularly scheduled City Commission meeting about the two previously mentioned establishments I abstained from voting due to the fact that I did not hear the evidence in the case.

I voted to allow Club Legends to keep their alcohol license because I did not feel as though the evidence presented warranted revocation. If we made a decision to close Club Legends based on the evidence presented we might as well close every night life establishment in the City.

In the case of Big Daddy’s and The Sandtrap - I abstained from voting because the owner and I have been friends for many years. I felt it would be inappropriate for me to vote in this matter because of our personal friendship.

I hope this provides some clarity for those who are confused. There is no need to ask someone who has no idea what they’re talking about, if you need further correct clarification give me a call at 229.349.0955 or via e-mail at cpike@albany.ga.us.


J.D._Sumner 2 years, 7 months ago on Chambliss: I won't change approach

Which constituents? The conservatives? The neo-conservatives? the moderates? the liberals? the socialists and progressives? They all live in the state that he took an oath to represent.

A majority of people in the state elected a person they felt most closely mirrored their views, their feelings on social issues, and their ideals concerning government, so he could then vote based on those feelings.

They don't poll every voter in the state each time an issue comes before Congress, that's why we have a democratic republic.


J.D._Sumner 2 years, 7 months ago on Chambliss: I won't change approach

Just a quick retort Walt, how does an elected official represent the views of "all" of their constituents? It's one of the fundamental flaws and strengths of a democratic republic. How does one man represent the views of an entire state's worth of people -- many of whom, even within their own political sect, have varying ideas and concerns?

That's why, in a democratic republic, we attempt to elect people whose views and values most close reflect ours, with the belief that they'll go and and vote on our behalf using those same views and values.

That's what makes our type of government and society so hard to maintain.


J.D._Sumner 2 years, 7 months ago on U.S. appeals court says Obama recess appointments 'invalid'

"At the time, the Senate was not officially in recess, meeting every few days for minutes at a time but accomplishing no work and with few senators present. Meanwhile, Obama's nominees remained on the Senate's calendar, blocked by Republicans from up or down votes on their confirmation."

Yea this totally makes sense...