JJ417 1 year, 2 months ago on Committee approves moving Dougherty High students to vacant middle school

Thanks Velvet Riggins and Darrel Ealum for moving Monroe down another two years before the school system do any renovation to Monroe. Both of you know the school witch is the second oldest school in Albany, really need the renovation done. You two are the reason why Dr. Thomas is really moving from the school because she was very adimit about the schools renovation. Monroe was approved for renovation back in March 26, 2003 when they did the addition to the school. The school should have been completely renovated by 2007. But the money disappeared and used in other places within the system. When Dr. Thomas came aboard Monroe, she got right to work about the renovation of the school and brought attention to the school. All of a sudden, Money appeared out of no where to renovate Monroe. Mr. Ealum has been fighting aginst the renovation and wanted it to go back before the board to be voted on (Jan. 30, 2012 Board Agenda). Look at the board min., he Ealum voted against it but notice a lot of people who attended the meeting where alums of Monroe and lived in his district, so he changed his vote and had it placed on he record. Mr. Ealum and Riggins want and was trying to help there friend out, to get a new Architect ( David Maschke) to replace the Architect from the original bid Buckley & Associates. Ealum, your from Lee Co. we the proud Alums of Monroe High do live in your district AND WILL REMEMBER THIS COME RE ELECTION TIME. So do all you can to help your friend Maschke and Rigins. We know your agenda Ealum


JJ417 1 year, 2 months ago on Tharin: Vote on principal changes sends message

Who voted for the recently hired AP at Monroe? He was allegedly escorted out of Tift Co. High School and terminated. How did he end up in DCSS? Who brought him here? Friends in high places? We should look deeper into these 'out-of county' applicants.

His name is Dr. Ryan Gravitts. He was fired from Tift Co. on Nov 13, 2012 (See Tifton Gazette News Paper). He was brought in by Dr. Mosley. Now he is interveiwing for a position within the DCSS system.---- We should look deeper into these 'out-of county' applicants. He's a friend of a friend.