JR 1 year, 10 months ago on Sherwood to host ‘Men of Honor’ simulcast

Ive come to the conclusion that most of those signed up here for comments motivation to waking up each day is to see what negative stuff they can promote here - on just about every ariticle. It is funny, really. You can expect the same negative stuff from the same ol regular posters. For those who just read comments and not post...start watching the names and the amount of negative stuff they say regardless of the topic. May as well start having fun with it.


JR 1 year, 10 months ago on State Chamber exec touts benefits of T-SPLOST

Makes great sense and our region needs this for sorely needed economic development.. We don't need other regions in our state having another competitive advantage over us. I support the Albany Chamber and Ga Chamber in their endorsement.


JR 1 year, 10 months ago on Phillips wins 'American Idol'

some of the regulars here will find negative if they found a pot of gold. Like clockwork. Must live a sad life.

Congrats, Phillip!


JR 1 year, 10 months ago on Hospital Authority should bid

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JR 1 year, 11 months ago on Hospital Authority should bid

Stubbs needs to go national - rather than spending his time trying to convince people that Phoebe is evil and that consolidation is a local phenomen. It is happening nationally (hospitals merging), and regionally, too. Valdosta is doing the same thing. Columbus did the he same thing. Gainesville did the same thing. Some in Atlanta did the same thing. If he wants a platform about the downsides of these acquisitions, he should go big or go home. There is a much bigger stage waiting than just little ol' Albany. Besides, if he really was against "monopoloies", then why was his practice about to sign a deal with HCA? Maybe, just maybe, this is the root of why he wants to make it a local issue vs national if he really really cared. Just sayin'.


JR 1 year, 11 months ago on Squawk of the Day - May 9, 2012

Yes, customer service is lacking in some places and that should be addressed...it is not specific to Albany, however. So much negativity by the same bunch here everyday. One of you even read this squawk (a squawk mind you) and now says I'm going to Columbus for all of your shopping. Every day its the same people who log on here to complain about something. .


JR 1 year, 11 months ago on Tax increase, spending cuts pondered

quote from "agonized": everything is either owned by the government, gone out of business or is owned by Phoebe.

So shortsighted. In other words, Phoebe is one of the few growing areas keeping this town afloat. Therefore, let's run at it with pitchforks.

You're a funny town, All-benny. So jealous of success there. If something is succesful, you assume corruption, want to knock them down, or place blame at its feet for other probems vs seeing the massive good it does.

If our little town had a golden goose, we'd feed it. You want to starve it. funny.


JR 2 years ago on Price to run for Dougherty School Board

thanks, Phoebe, for bringing Dr. Price to Albany...its people like she and her husband that come here and see the negativite forces in our community and want to make a positive difference. Some Albanians (mostly posters here, it seems) only want to gripe, see only the negative, and coach from the sidelines. So refreshing to see Dr, Price, a relative new comer step up to the plate. We should all take note.


JR 2 years, 3 months ago on Palmyra acquisition completed

Some of these posts are way off the mark. First of all, Phoebe is run by it's board members. Most all are business people.... Do you really think the head of Miller or the giant chicken plant or the head of a large wood manufacturing plant to just name a few want to raise healthcare pricing for their employees, too? The board members are smart, community minded indicviduals. But go ahead and shout about pricing. Palmyra was actually slightly higher overall in that category than Phoebe (another small fact some choose to ignore). Maybe without duplication in our small town, some of that will benefit the consumer. Palmyra was operating only a fraction of it's licensed beds because no one was choosing to go there except mainly through the EC. Most severe cases are sent to Phoebe anyway due the technology. And guess what, the new Phoebe North EC isn't closing. So, come see us. Funny how towns like Valdosta which is just consolidated its two hospitals in the same manner gets a hall pass. I guess they're doomed, too? Tifton, Americus, Thomasville..all one hospital. Big ol Columbus? Just two owners. Yes, we're all doomed! You folks need to get a life. Signed, a very proud NEW Phoebe North employee that was formally with Palmyra!!!