JamaPit 4 years ago on USPS issues updated list of possible closures/consolidations

I am a postal employee with a four year degree. There are more of us than you would think. As a USPS employee, I can tell you that we are paid a living wage. The reason behind that is the integrity of the mail. How many of you put checks and amazingly, cash, in cards, letters etc. Your letter or card gets to the recipient intact, with the gift inside. Privatizing the first class mail would cause your rates to skyrocket. Try going to a private carrier and see what it costs to mail a one ounce letter.
The American public has contributed greatly towards the economic woes of the postal service. How many pay bills by on line banking, who mails a letter anymore. The people who will hurt the most from this situation is the senior citizen who doesn't have access to computers or cell phone. Most of the public can buy stamps at your local grocery or stationary store. We all better hope the postal service doesn't go under. Could you imagine the economy if 600,000 people become unemployed. Not to think of all the businesses that make their living by doing buisness with the USPS.
Sorry if this posting is intelligent. I work for the postal service!! And I am proud of it!