JamesCalhounJr 11 months, 2 weeks ago on Bishop talks economy, same-sex marriage

My question for Sanford Bishop is, if you are so concerned with our countries current condition, why have you and why do you continue to contribute to its financial down fall and support immoral positions regard same sex marriage and abortion? Sir, are you just pandering to the group that will help keep your place at the through? Maybe it is time for you to consider taking a self imposed permanent vacation, if you do not have the moral courage to live up to your oath of office and the Christian ethic that all of mans law is founded on. Remember what he said, do not be a fence sitter, be hot or cold or I will spew you out of my mouth. Well Sir, which are you? If you had been doing the work entrusted to all of these years maybe we would not be in our current situation.


JamesCalhounJr 11 months, 3 weeks ago on U.S. Senate blocks gun-control law

This is just a question and maybe food for thought or a catalyst to get you thinking in the right direction. As I, understand it President Obama's Mother moved to Indonesia with Him when He was very young and married a influential man with the last name of Soetoro. Who adopted The young, Who, and gave Him His last name. So it is my understanding that the now young Soetoro at this point became a citizen of Indonesia where He was socialized and educated. As I, understand it At some point in time the now young Soetoro entered the United States on some type of visa with a Indonesia passport, which made Him eligible to enter the higher education system under the foreign exchange student program. Gee, that sure is a lot of I suppose, but one more could it be that He still is not a naturalized citizen of the United States? Have you ever wonder why President Obama want release His education records? Maybe, what we need to do is encourage the congress to fully investigate, vet, him as they should have when He was running for office to determine His true identity and nationality. I would be interested to know the truth, wouldn't you?


JamesCalhounJr 11 months, 3 weeks ago on Black mayors stress teamwork for success

Sister Ruby, I am going to be very straight forward with you, so before you go on one of your uninformed rants let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am Caucasian, Catholic, I live on social security, a military pension, and related VA disability. I served our constitution for 22 years of my life and usually refrain from getting involved in uninformed rhetoric by uninformed people. I read the article that was written in the Albany Herald that purported to represent Major Hubbard's commentary on the meeting of Majors. I did not read one word of substance about how to address the harmful effects that President Obama's health care plan is having and will have on the economy. I did not read one word about how the Majors will take steps to protects the rights of Citizens guaranteed by The Bill of Rights and The Constitution of The United States of America that can be attacked by authorization of the current National Defense Authorization Act. I did not read one word about what stance our local government would take to counter illegal orders to violate the Constitutional Rights of Citizens of The United States of America, that includes you. Some more about me, I worked for quite a few years after I retired from the military and payed taxes into the system, including federal income tax, social security, and all of the sales taxes that are levied. I would still be working if I could as I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. However in October of 2010 the medical profession discovered that I had lung cancer, that cost me the top lobe of my left lung along with the inability to continue the riggers of my past profession. I am currently cancer free. I do not vote for a pay check and try to volunteer as much time as I can to help others. It seems to me that the group of Majors spent a lot of tax payer money for a real good feel good meeting that accomplished very little of substance, how do I know because I have attended one or two, they were funded by the private sector and did not generate much of substance either. So, you ask what is my point, well you might want to work a little harder at becoming a better informed Citizen and just maybe by the Grace of God and a better informed Citizenry this country might survive the attack it is under by the current Executive Branch of Government. Oh, if you have it in your mind that I am a hater, well I spent one fifth of my military career promoting the rights of and educating other about the rights of minorities, so maybe you are the one with a hate problem and not me. Don't you have anything in your life to be proud of or are you one of those that have to hang on to the accomplishments of others. Remember self worth comes from your own accomplishments and not those of others. Hopefully our leaders provide a worthy example for us to emulate not many of them are accomplishing that mission these days. Well that is about it so what will you do to try and make the system a better system?


JamesCalhounJr 2 years, 2 months ago on Weaver reappointed as Municipal Court Judge

Well here it is the the integrity of the City of Albany's executive branch,( Major, City Council, City Attorney, District Attorney), and others involved in putting Judge Weaver back on the bench, is know longer suspect. It has proven its self to be non-existent. If it had been a citizen or member of the uniformed police they would have been charged, tried, held accountable for their offense, to include being jailed or fired. This recognizes that not all were involved in the decision to put him back on the bench. So, if the shoe does not fit please do not wear it. If those responsible can not execute the obligations of their office, (even when it comes to a college), then they do not need to be in that office.

Is Judge Weaver's wife going to be charged with making a faults police report? In case you, (those in involved in the decision), do not Know it moral courage trickles down to every level in the community. It is evident in Albany just look at the lack of integrity and respect for the law every level. It even infects the common citizen. Again this is an if the shoe does not fit please do not wear it.

Well I guess that is about it the integrity for some in Albany has forever been stained. Oh well what is next?

James Calhoun, Jr


JamesCalhounJr 2 years, 2 months ago on Judge Weaver released on $10K bail

My question for Willie Adams is, why is a judge with a felony assault charge being allowed to continue to set on the bench as a judge, it seems that business as usual is alive and well in the City of Albany. The incident in question does not seem to be his first of this nature. Maybe it is way past time that character and personal integrity is considered before anyone is placed in a position of public trust. These are the people that are supposed to set the example for others to follow and some wonder why we have the problems we have.