JoeLeeJohnson 2 years, 10 months ago on Report: State fees being funneled to general fund

Musta been late in '08 or in '09 that state revenue started coming up short. Governor Perdue and his legislature started adding on fees just about anywhere they could. For instance, the cost of filing law suits, or any recording fees in our county Clerk of Court's office escalated. These extra expenditures in the form of added fees were destined for the state revenue department--NOT increasing local revenue at all.

I have been wondering if this extra revenue for the state skews (corrupts) the monthly state revenue reports. Our economy shows very few real signs of recovery. But state revenue has been increasing a few percentage points each month for over a year. On the one hand, I was hoping this is a good sign of recovery. But on the other hand, I suspect the increases can be attributed to increased fees.

If Mr. James was still around--I'd call in an old marker and ask him to investigate---But, sadly, He ain't. S'pose I'll just have to keep wondering.