JusticeforAll 3 years, 10 months ago on Cannon calls on CVB to split from Chamber

This is not the first person Catherine has lied on and deceived the public trust by misrepresenting the facts regarding. I happen to know of another Chamber employee who's position was mysteriously "phased out" after she gave countless time and energy to build the Strive2Thrive program. Her's was the face and name that was seen the most, when the project first started. She was also the initial founder of the "Hispanic Festival" with the goal of it becoming an "International Festival". She worked tirelessly on many community initiatives and represented the Chamber in many ways. Catherine was threatened by this person's Community connections and her strong personality, just like in Lisa's case, AND just like in Lisa's case, this person was eliminated from the scene having never had a write-up and having always put her community first. Is Albany going to let Glover get away with this behavior, AGAIN???