Kdfatman02 2 years, 10 months ago on Deal removes Velvet Riggins from DCSS School Board

Sweet Jesus come by here. And I live 1500 miles away. Everybody has pretty much said what's on my mind.......so I digress!!!!!!!


Kdfatman02 3 years, 2 months ago on CRCT Investigators say evidence of cheating "found in every school we've been to"

I live all the way in El Paso, Texas. And this can't be the news I would love to hear about in my home town. I just finished reading the Govenor's Report. YIKES and OUCH!!! Hard to believe I was a product of what was once a descent school district. I'm a college graduate and retired from the Army. This is totally "Child Endangenrment, if not Child Abuse". DCSS could not print enough money if this was a molestation/rape case to keep the hound from coming to this county. Fire every last one of the principal and teachers. This is the very reason why some many people was against Brown vs. Board of Education in the first place. SMDH!!!