Kerrie 3 years, 2 months ago on Mitchell County to privatize ambulance service

I believe this is stupid. You telling me that you want to make a decision without the public vote. Do not think all of the public does not have the education or the knowledge to make a vote. Here is what we are looking at: WE HAVE TO PAY THEM TO RUN IT. Most places charge $500,000 a year and they get all the equipment and buildings and trucks. I hate that we took part in a company walking through the door and telling the guys and gals that have served us for years "sorry you dont have a job anymore". You want my opinion, why don't we get rid of some management with the high salaries who never have to worry about someone walking through the door and telling them they don't have a job. I live in Mitchell county, I have property and I have a voice. I should have known. Listen up commissioners I will knock on every door in the region. YOU HAVE SAT FOR YOUR LAST TURN. The difference between me and you is I am giving you your warning to lose your job, you didn't do the same for the people who have served Mitchell county for years. During the tornados and rain and holidays and this is the thanks they get. I'm saying it now, Thank you Mitchell County paramedics and EMT's, your worked for crappy pay horrible conditions during the holidays so I could sit home and know you were on the clock tracking through the mud ready to shine when my family needed help. Everyone in Mitchell County with a business, offer them a job. They had no warning and they have children to raise and mortages to pay in these hard times to find a job. Shame on COMMISSIONERS!