KidsFirst 3 years, 1 month ago on GAE's president pans Amendment 1

@tywebb, if there's already a way for state charters to be approved, then why oppose the amendment so adamantly? The reason is that step 2 is for the opposition to challenge the funding mechanism throwing these exemplary schools into another legal battle and squashing them out once and for all. It's so very sad that people in the education business can't allow themselves to think of the kids first. This article lists those opposed, groups that have a collective mentality. I'd rather stand with innovative charter schools, the GA Chamber of Commerce, the Technology Association of Georgia and other groups that represent free market. I'll vote yes.


KidsFirst 3 years, 1 month ago on Rotary hears support for Amendment 1

I will vote yes too. Thanks Rev. Lowden for your personal commitment to our youth and stepping outside politics to explain how amendment 1 can also help Georgia's kids.


KidsFirst 3 years, 1 month ago on Olens tells state school chief to lay off political activity

I will vote Yes to the charter schools amendment. I got to make a choice once for my family. I visited the public charter school and then the traditional public school and my family chose the traditional public school. BUT just because it was the right thing for my son doesn't mean it's the perfect thing for every child.

By voting yes, we're giving the people who want to start a school (and you have to prove community support) a chance to appeal if a district says no. We have independent charter schools in less than 15 school systems out of 180. Many districts are saying no without even looking at the idea. If the district was right to deny the petition, it will be denied by the commission too. They only approved 16 out of nearly 60 when they existed before.

If the commission approves a charter school the district denied, the district keeps all the money they would have received if they were educating the child. So if 300 students go to the charter school, the district actually makes money. The charter school is funded at the average amount of the 5 lowest schools systems in GA. Only 2 systems would receive less per student than a state approved charter school.