LWood 3 years, 8 months ago on Cannon calls on CVB to split from Chamber

Lisa Riddle seamlessly took over the responsibilities as the CVB Director after the loss of the much respected Sara Underdown. She is an incredible 'face' for Albany and is extremely well respected in the tourism industry statewide having held several positions on different boards promoting not only Albany, but the entire state.

She is energetic, a hometown-girl-made-good, educated, respected and smart! She has done nothing to deserve being fired and if justice were truly served, she should be reinstated and the undereducated and overpaid Chamber president would be fired!

Ms. Glover does not have a college degree. Lisa Riddle has almost completed her masters.

Ms. Glover is not well respected in the tourism industry, Lisa is.

Ms. Glover is not a native Albanian or even a native Georgian, Lisa is both.

Ms. Glover acted inappropriately at the GACVB Conference in 2010 and a letter was sent to the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors by the GACVB Director. That letter has mysteriously disappeared apparently. Lisa has always conducted herself professionally and appropriately always.

Ms. Glover has no working relationship with any of the employees at the CVB whereas the 'team' was put in place without her 'extensive background in tourism'.

Ms. Glover was making over twice what Lisa was and we now know where part of that money came from.

In this economy, a new Chamber of Commerce President can be found for far less than Ms. Glover is being paid and one that is not only better educated, better qualified, but less contentious.

It makes sense to separate the CVB from the Chamber, replace Lisa Riddle at the CVB and can Ms. Glover who is not worth her salary if she doesn't know the rules about public record.