LadyD 3 years ago on DCSS board releases Murfree from contract

It is not a tragic day for the victims, our children, the image of the community, the image projected of our educators, etc., within the school system. From the initial onset, when Dr. Murfee #34 was selected, the destiny of his realm was set. Whenever a decision is based on unethical principles, it causes the foundation to crumble. Moving forward, it is left to parents, teachers, mentors, and ministers to become involved in the continued future of our children in the Dougherty county school system. Squaking among ourselves and not in the forum where your voice makes a in vain. The structure of those selected by the community to serve on the Board of Directors is the common factor in resolving future problems. The downfall of WorldCom and Enron was based on the culture set by leadership. The board plays a vital role in who that next master of our failing school system will be. It appears there has been a battlefield of casulties under this administration. I do hope that proactive measures and effective strategic planning goes into defining the goals that must be accomplished by the next Superintendant. And God be with her or him...on the cleanup job that lies before that individual. I also support, the board needs management/leadership training to become a much more effective board...and that means the board needs to be a board. Now defining that role is yet another consultants challenge.